Thursday, January 7, 2010


I wrote 10 more pages in the past few days. My characters are coming together, and the life of this witch is unfolding. My goal is December 2010 to have my book written and edited!

My next steps is to see if anyone wants to publish my book!

I need to stay focus, each day I need to write. Stay focused Diana.

Visiting the Grandmas

Two of my grandmas fell in the past couple of weeks, one of them breaking a hip. She had surgery last week and is in rehab for the next 8 weeks I think it is.

The other grandma was released from the hospital also last week but is in a home from now on.

Aaron gets off work around 3:30 today right when I am finishing up a massage appointment in San Diego. We plan to visit both grandmas! poor ladies!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


For those who know me well, you know that my back is super jacked up. I am always sore. I guess doing massage therapy as a business and carrying around a table for the mobile massage part will do that to a person!

I have an amazing Massage therapist/Physical therapist named Mary that I do trades with once a week (well we try once a week)

I did a crazy workout Monday at the gym and woke up incredibly sore this morning..with the great work Mary did for me 15 minutes ago..I feel like jello right now!

I love massages!! Ok time for bed! :)

Dear Diary

Today is starting out pretty slow. I just cleaned my car and have to go down to this Verizon store in Escondio to hopefully exchange my phone for a better one. I am having issues with my blackberry, maybe because I keep dropping it.

After I plan to do some more cleaning (Story of my life)

Aaron doesn't go into work till 6 pm today, so he is working on his computer.

My cat seems to think my keyboard and computer area is his and he keeps messing up what I am typing. He always lays right by my keyboard, AH, he is so cute but so annoying!

Today will be a good day! hopefully a massage, if not, then I am going a little more south to San Diego and indulge myself into some amazing vegan entrees!